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상  호 : 알핀코리아


사업자등록번호 : 114-04-33225

개업연월일 : 2011년 1월 1일


대표자 : 임태진


사업범위 : 산업디자인, 제품디자인, 무역, 도소매


디자인 부문 : 생활가전, 산업기기, 선박기기, 디지털기기 디자인 개발

​가공, 제작 무역 : 프로토타입(목업) 제작, 제품 가공, 제품 양산

무역, 도소매 : 생활용품, 장식소품, 수출입 및 유통

사업장 주소 : 경기도 안양시 동안구 엘에스로116번길 25-32 SK V1센터 219호

                        tel. +82.70.7558.6338   fax. +82.70.4151.8664


Email  :


After establishing the company, we served a lot of the clients with a good quality in local and in overseas based on our long experience for Design development, Structure design, trade (export and import) and, in case of Product Design Development, I worked for Samsung Industrial Design Center for 20 years over as a designer.  So, from Design development to Product production, our company did it together with our staffs as OEM project.
We did Design development for Samsung and Hyundai, middle sized Enterprises, etc. and worked for Design
development affairs of Government Sponsored enterprises. 

In order to extend our business category, as a professional trading company, we launched a new items to export in overseas as below.


   Beauty & Personal Care (Ultrasonic skincare, Skin therapy, 

      Make up Mirror,...)

   IT products (Mobile accessary, Bluetooth speaker, Earphone,

       LED flashlight, etc.)
   Industrial Design Service ( Product design, 3D Modeling,

       Product Development )


Also, we imported some items from overseas like China so as to sell it into Korea local market.
We will continue to serve our clients to meet their requirement on the products as per our accumulated
experience for Design & trade.
To give customer's satisfaction, all of us will do our utmost effort.



#219, SK V1 center, 25-32, LS-ro 116beon-gil, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi, KOREA. 14118

TEL. +82. 70. 7558. 6338  &  +82. 10. 6388. 8663    FAX. +82. 70. 4151. 8664

Contact :   Mr. Taechin Lim

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